PLCEdit - an open project for a free PLC source code editor

PLCEdit is an opensource PLC-programming editor to create, convert and print POU files (Program Organisation Unit). The supported programming languages are Instruction List and Structured Text, according to the IEC61131-3 standard. All POU types: main programm, function blocks, functions and global variable lists can be handled by PLCEdit. PLCEdit is aimed to user who wants a small tool like a notepad.

  • compatible to:
    • most CoDeSys v2.3 export files
    • Moeller SucoSoft v4 & v5 files
    • Step7 AWL and SCL sources
    • KW-Software IL and ST cources
    • plain text POUs
  • support for IL and ST (KOP and FUP in AWL mode)
  • Sessions (multiple lists with opened files)
  • function block call dialog
  • drag & drop file opening

The software will enhanced more and more. The program can be used in a productive environment. The author takes no liability. I'm even thankful for feedbacks. For more information contact me.

  • x86 or PPC processor from 466 MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 30 MB harddisc space
  • Windows® 98SE/XP/Vista, Linux + X11, Mac OS 10.4+

Download   (3.6MB)
PLCEdit on Windows