CodeWasher is a script based text replacement tool

CodeWasher is a freeware text editor for ascii based files with an automated replacement functionality. The program was especially developed for HTML and XML files, but it is also possible to edit all other files wich contains ascii data. The keyfeature is the script based and automated string replacement. The user can create and save scripts by using a first line for the search item and the following line for the replacement item. Some Scripts are placed in Program Files/install-folder/Scripts. CodeWasher is easy to use and comes without any monsterfeatures, wich are better offered by the million of programming editors. Of course it is possible to edit the file by hand and save the "washed" file.

  • script based single character and text replacement
  • text and script displayed in one window
  • xor checksum calculation for NMEA files
  • drag & drop file opening

The software is a beta version - it will enhanced more and more. The program can be used in a productive environment. The author takes no liability. I'm even thankful for feedbacks. For more information contact me.

  • x86 processor from 266 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 2 MB harddisc space
  • Windows® 98SE or better

Download   (356kB)
CodeWasher on Windows